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What is Alpha Phi Omega?

Alpha Phi Omega is a national coeducational service organization founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they volunteer on their campus, in their community, to the nation, and to the organization. With more than 400,000 members on over 375 campuses, Alpha Phi Omega continues to provide more service on more campuses than any other collegiate service organization. 

Who can join APO?

Alpha Phi Omega is an inclusive organization with membership open to all full-time Truman students! Whether you are a first-year student or it is your graduating semester we would love to welcome you into our Brotherhood.

Why should I join APO?

You should join Alpha Phi Omega if you are searching for an opportunity to provide meaningful service, develop your leadership skills, and make new friends. Our chapter at Truman State offers a wide variety of events, big and small, to ensure everyone can complete their requirements with activities that they find enjoyable. We currently have over 50 members, and since we are a National organization you will have the opportunity to make even more connections and network with students and alum from other chapters throughout the US. 

Am I allowed to be in both APO and a social fraternity/sorority?

Yes, absolutely! Many of our brothers are involved with a variety of other clubs and organizations, including Greek Life.

What are the requirements of New Members?

Our requirements are set at the begging of each semester. The requirements for new members in the spring of 2023 include:

  • 15 service hours 
  • 4 friendship points 
  • 3 leadership points 
  • Attending all new member meetings
  • Attending all chapter meetings 

What are the requirements once I’m an active member?

Our requirements are set at the begging of each semester. The requirements for active members in the spring of 2023 include:

  • 20 service hours 
  • 4 friendship points 
  • 4 leadership points 
  • Attending all chapter meetings

How do I join?

We host recruitment events at the beginning of each semester! Contact our recruitment chairs to find out more about recruitment!



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